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Title: Work His Wood Jawked
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Description: Young Lukas Dails has never been much of a sporty boy so he doesn't know that a lot of soccer lads like Luke Geer are pretty horny all the time, when they want to get a load of footballer cum spurting from their dick they're not shy about it. Luke is more used to wanks with his teammates in the showers but he knows his step-brother is more interested in cock than is friends are and he's not gonna turn down the chance to enjoy some sucking and fucking in this Jawked video. Lukas just wanted to see how big that soccer boy cock was but Luke lets him wank it and before the boy knows what's happening he's sucking on the juicy boner. It turns out Luke knows a thing or two about sucking a buddy's boner and he's not gonna say no when Lukas pulls his own pink and pale uncut dong out. The sporty lad gives it some slurps and it's all the bros need to be heading back to the couch for some extra time. It should be no surprise Luke knows how to play, his footballer dick is so hard and that goal is so tight, but he's soon in there and fucking young Lukas' snug pucker from behind, then giving the boy a ride on his meat before taking the lad on his back and showing him how footballers get their splooge spurting. Luke makes his step brother splash that hot juice out over himself before he head up with his loaded meat ready to hose him down with some powerful spurts of soccer cum. With a final taste of his sporty splooge Lukas is hooked, but he won't have to try and sneak a peek at that dong in the future. Featuring Lukas Dails, Luke Geer (aka Rico Gabbani). Original release date: March 5th, 2021.
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Added: 2021-06-01

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