Back to Greece 6 Freshmen

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Title: Back to Greece 6 Freshmen
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Description: It can sometimes be complicated keeping our productions running but we try to keep our boys happy and sometimes relax the rules a little bit. Today we start on the beach chilling with Kevin, Helmut, Nils and others before things slowly heat up. We suspect Phillipe Gaudin is somehow behind all this but it's important the boys enjoy themselves. On the other side of the island, the models are working hard. Jon Kael, Niko Vangelis and Riis Erikson are the main focus of the cameras. We also get a brief glimpse of a soon-to-be-released scene between Jim Durden and Elio Chalamet. We have no doubt you'll enjoy seeing these two sexy models together. Featuring Niko Vangelis, Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Srerge Cavalli, Joel Birkin, Nils Tatum, Paul Cassidy, Riis Erikson Kieran Benning, Torsten Ullman. From the web series: Back to Greece.
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Added: 2022-05-10

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