Back to Greece 12 Freshmen

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Title: Back to Greece 12 Freshmen
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Description: A new day on our sunny island brings new adventures and new couplings. Kevin and Jerome are running between locations and filming what's going on backstage, to capture more of your favourites. You have to admit, it would be a pity if we missed all the male beauty on display on the beach, or any of the fun with our rascals. Join Matthieu, Nils, Niko and others at the seaside or sneak a peek at our set with Jason, Elio, or Pip. Featuring Niko Vangelis, Elio Chalamet, Jim Durden, Helmut Huxley, Sven Basquiat, Jon Kael, Jerome Exupery, Serge Cavalli, Joel Birkin, Nils Tatum, Paul Cassidy, Riis Erikson, Kieran Benning, Torsten Ullman. From the web series: Back to Greece.
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Added: 2022-07-09

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